Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Hillclimb TT

Yeah, it's time to have a TT showdown in Utah County. On road bikes. Up Squaw Peak. And down. Email me your times and I'll put you on the list. We'll figure out how to get the fastest rider of the year a prize. Or not.


Hillclimb starts at mileage sign at bottom of road. Time ends at the little hump in the road rolling into the parking lot. (Right as the parking lot extends on the right side.

Descent starts at the last boulder on the right as you exit the loop at the top. Ends at the mileage sign at the bottom.

Rolling starts are allowed and encouraged.

Be careful and smart. Remember the center line rule and that it is an opened road and cars don't always remember to stay on their side of the road.

Speed at your own risk. Bikes are subject to speed limits too. If you do, you might get a ticket.

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  1. The Utah Velo Club has been logging their times here:


    Downhill TT, yikes.